About Us

We're Dacia. We make cars.

Cars that favour function over frivolity. We’ve made an enemy of the unnecessary, because we believe you should only pay for what you need.

We make a simple range of cleverly designed, quality vehicles.

Our prices are clear and straightforward, with our first model, the Dacia Duster 5-seat SUV, starts at £8,995.

Maybe that’s why we’re the fastest growing car brand in Europe and have been since 2004.

We are now here in the UK, and we at Callow Marsh Dacia hope to see you soon.

Dacia Story

In just over seven years, the Dacia brand has become a genuine global success story. In 2010, 350,000 people bought a new Dacia in 35 countries worldwide, making us the fifth-bestselling passenger car brand in France (in 2011), as well as market leader in Romania and Morocco.

The key to our success has been our simple formula: space and quality, at an unbelievable price. So how does Dacia deliver so much for so little? The key is ingenious design. Since we’re all different, Dacia specifies its vehicles with the basic essentials as standard, without unwanted extras built into the cost, so that you’re able to choose the car to suit you.

As a brand of the Renault Group, Dacia uses clever sourcing and proven technology to ensure its cars are reliable, robust and affordable. From the Sandero hatchback to the Duster SUV, Dacia cars are simple to use and affordable to own. That’s why German customers voted Dacia their second favourite manufacturer in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, in 2010, just behind Audi and ahead of Mercedes-Benz.

Dacia and Environment

Dacia’s Eco2 signature proves our capacity to build both economical and more ecological vehicles.

A Dacia Eco2 vehicle conforms to the three criteria:

  • CO2 emissions of less than 120 g/km
  • Manufactured in plants certified to ISO 14001 standards
  • 95% of its materials (by weight) will be reusable at the end of the vehicle’s lifecycle. In addition, at least 7% of vehicle plastics on new Eco2 vehicles are made from recycled plastics.